List Attraction Secrets

Grab 20+ Easy to Follow Video Lessons to Attract 100s of Hyper-Buyer Subscribers Every Day... and Make Sales on Demand with Slick Email Marketing Tricks!

Get 5 hours of on-screen lessons including... How to build attractive landing pages... Setup email campaigns with tags and segments... Integrate push-notifications to boost traffic... Track and review your statistics... Clean your email list to minimize your autoresponder costs... and so much more!

If I was to tell you one thing and one thing only about internet marketing, I would tell you the following: Build a list! And the reason is simple. It's a lot harder to get a new customer then it is to sell to an existing one: Fact!

When you've built an email list you can drive traffic at will to any site you want on demand and that means that you can effectively write your own pay check. Any time you want traffic, you have it there on demand without begging the search engines and PPC networks for more expensive cold traffic.

When you build your list you are creating an asset that is worth money. You are investing in your future. It's time to stop thinking short term and let your online business look after you long term.

If you are tired of watching everyone else make all of the money online and receiving promo email after promo email wishing that was YOUR product that they were selling, then you absolutely must start building a quality mailing list.

The simple fact of the matter is...

Building a QUALITY Email List that Opens Every Message Should be Your Top Priority...

List traffic is hands down the best type of traffic you'll ever send to your website or affiliate offers and undoubtely gives you the best return on your time compared to any other form of advertising.

After all, people who actively put their hands up and say 'yes I want to learn more from you and what you have to offer' are far more committed and likely to make a purchase from a personal email you send out, than say, from an unknown pop-up window or text ad.

Whether you like it or not, the truth is you NEED to build a RESPONSIVE list because let's face it... if you were already crushing it online you wouldn't be here on this page.

This is why we've put together step-by-step course so you can start applying the best practices... so you can eventually build a list of your own, send out emails every day (or whenever you want) and make sales on demand...

We'll cover EVERYTHING you need to know including how to setup a landing page without webhosting or a domain name (great if you're on a shoe-string budget or you want to test signup conversion rates quickly)... how to setup and integrate web push-notifacations on your website to re-target your visitors and announce a new promotion... how to make your emails more eye-catching for niche markets... how to run reports and track your clicks and open rates to know what areas of your email campaign to work on... and so much more!

Inside you'll get access to over 5 hours of over-the-shoulder training conveniently broken down into just over 20 lessons.

Introduction... Email List Attraction Secrets

Module 1 - Walk though Navigation of the System

Before we start building our email campaign we'll first show you how to navigate through the interface. There's nothing more frustrating than trying to figure out where a certain menu or function is when you're doing a task. Watch this lesson to gain clarity.

Module 2 - How to Create an Email List 5 Step Process

Learn the proper way to set up your email list in AWeber from start to finish. Watch over our shoulder as we create the 'Thank You' page and 'Confirmation Success' page (also called the 'download' page where they get their lead magnet) in a WordPress website. You learn where to paste the links to those pages. We create the Opt-in form in AWeber then paste that code into your site. It's all so easy once someone shows you how!

Module 3 - How to Create a Customized Optin Form

Whilst you have access to hundreds of professional looking landing page templates within Aweber, there's nothing like a cool, customized opt-in form that you've created with your own logos, graphics, lead-magnet ecover or DVD cover. With a bit of tweaking your own customized opt-in form will always look more professional, expensive and eye-catching than a pre-made opt-in form and will get you more email subscribers. Watch this lesson to see how it's done.

Module 4 - How to Create an Aweber-Hosted Landing Page

You learn how to use AWeber's newly added feature that allows you to create Professional-Looking Landing pages and Email Opt-in Pages without having to own any website. So you can have your own lead generating Opt-in Page that is hosted on AWeber. You do not need a webhosting company or a WordPress website or any website at all. There are lots of AWeber Landing Page templates to choose from and they are adding new templates to choose from all the time.

Module 5 - Navigating the New Message Editor

The message editor is similar to WordPress' Gutenburg editor in that it's a WYSIWYG interface. But how does this work when building landing pages specifically through Aweber? Watch this lesson and we'll show you how to edit templates, customize text blocks, drag and drop certain elements into position and much more.

Module 6 - How to Copy and Edit Email Messages for Quick Broadcasts and Promotions

I show you how to copy your email at the click of a button. This is extremely helpful when you are selling your own product or selling someone else's product as an affiliate marketer. People often need to see the same message several times before opening it and clicking through to the sales page. Or you can send out the same message with a different subject line. I also show you the button you need to click on to check your SPAM Score on your email before you send it to your list.

Module 7 - How to Integrate Animated GIFs into Emails and Why

Creating your own animated images can be frustrating and time consuming. That’s why AWeber makes it super simple for you. AWeber designers made these brand new, FREE summer GIFs. I even show you other websites where you can find FREE GIF's with unrestricted user rights (like the 'DOWNLOAD IT NOW' GIF) that you can add to any or all of your emails. GIFs can increase click-through rates by 42 percent and conversion rates by 103 percent, according to data from Marketing Sherpa (Plus, they’re fun to send and receive!)

Module 8 - How to Create and Schedule an Email Broadcast Message

Choose between hundreds of business, professional, seasonal, holiday and special occasion email templates to wow your subscribers. AWeber offers more than 6,500 royalty free images that you can add to your email messages or you can upload your own. You can create your own custom templates to form attention-grabbing, engaging, money-making email messages that can be sent to thousands at one time allowing you to help thousands of people while monetizing your list.

Module 9 - How to Create Email Campaigns with Tag and Wait Rules

AWeber 'Campaigns' is the newest, best replacement for the old AWeber legacy autoresponder series. It's so easy to create AWeber campaigns that are triggered when people sign up for your list. Your pre-written emails will be sent out on a set schedule to your new subscribers as they learn to know, like and trust you with your professional layouts and great content. As you know, email subscribers will definitely buy from people that they've come to know, like, and trust.

Module 10 - How to Use the Smart Email Template Designer

This is a very cool, BUT little known feature of AWeber. You paste the URL (web address) of the front page of your own website, any page of your website, or your landing page that you created with AWeber, and then Aweber will instantly create 7 email templates with the appropriate colors and images!

Module 11 - How to Use Canva in Aweber Emails

Design Tap into millions of images, videos, graphics, templates, icons and more to create custom designs -- without ever leaving AWeber! Design custom images with Canva directly inside the AWeber message editor and landing page builder with the Canva Button. AWeber has partnered with Canva — the world’s fastest growing online design platform — to give you easy-to-use design tools right at your fingertips.

Module 12 - How to Add Affiliate Banner Links into an Email Message

You learn the proper way to set up your very own Money Making Email Template in AWeber. Once you create one or more of these templates (and it's real easy to do, once you know how), you will be able to make more money from your existing list by sending the same emails you would normally send out to your list. People will actually be thanking you.

Module 13 - How to Customize the Already Subscribed URL

People will oftentimes try to subscribe to the same list twice because they've forgotten that they are already on the list. They really want that 'lead magnet' or 'free report' or whatever it is that you're giving away. BUT the second time they try and subscribe to your list, they just get redirected to an "Already Subscribed" page. When you customize that page, they end up with the 'free report' and re-engage with you, the list builder!

Module 14 - How to Tag Subscribers with Email Optin Forms

You can have one list of subscribers that have a common interest (for example 'WordPress'). However, some of the subscribers opted into the list for a Free Report on 'WordPress Themes' and some opted in for a Free Report on 'WordPress Plugins'. So by tagging the subscribers as they opt-in, you can easily segment the list and only email to the segment interested in 'WordPress Themes', for instance. Powerful stuff.

Module 15 - The Power of Tagging and Segmenting Subscribers

Tagging Subscribers and Segmenting Lists is an easy and powerful way to target your audience. For instance, you send out emails to one of your lists, BUT ONLY to subscribers that have completed an AWeber Campaign or autoresponder series (who are NOW ready to buy!). Or you send out an email only to those subscribers on the list who Opted in for a particular Free Report or Lead Magnet (also now ready to buy!).

Module 16 - How to Create and Email a List Segment

You can have one list of subscribers that have a common interest (for example 'Health and Fitness'). However, You may want to some emails only certain segments of that list at different times. I show you several different easy ways to create those segments and how to send emails only to certain segments on that list. This is so much easier and more efficient than creating and emailing several different lists.

Module 17 - How to Resend Emails to Unopened Subscribers

Choose In this video tutorial I show you how to resend out the exact same email to the exact same list, BUT this second time you send the email, it will only be sent to subscribers who did NOT open the email the first time! Finally, a video tutorial that breaks down this semi-complex process and makes it so easy to do!

Module 18 - Increasing List Traffic with Push Notifications

Web Push Notifications are short, one-time messages that are delivered straight to a subscriber’s desktop when they have a browser open. Not only do push notifications let you communicate updates to your audience, they enable you to drive traffic to your website or landing page, build your audience, and grow your business. Plus, they work great in tandem with email marketing.

Module 19 - How to Backup Your Email List

Just like any online asset that is essentially 'in the cloud', your email list could vanish overnight. The servers at AWeber that store your email lists are electronic, magnetic, physical entities that can accidentally crash, just like any computer server anywhere in the world. If you have your own copy of your email lists, then all the time, energy, and money it took to build your lists will never be lost!

Module 20 - How to Delete Inactive Subscribers

AWeber actually stores all the email addresses that have unsubscribed from your list. It stores all the data associated with each email address - like how many emails it received and opened. Therefore, AWeber counts these 'unsubscribed' email addresses toward the total number of addresses that you are paying for each month. I show you how to delete and bulk delete these unsubscribers which, in the end, will save you money!

Module 21 - How to Import Email Addresses into a List

Aweber actually allows you to add individual subscribers to your list if they have given you permission (like someone you meet at a networking meeting). You can add email names and addresses to your list from people that signed up on a piece of paper and a clipboard at a trade show (for example). Or you can import a list from another autoresponder (like MailChimp or GetResponse, for example).

Module 22 - How to Track Performance and Create Reports

Here's another little known and little used feature of AWeber. At the click of a button AWeber will generate all kinds of reports, charts and graphs to make it real easy to spot trends in your email lists. At a glance you can see how many new subscribers are signing up per week and per month. How many subscribers are opening emails and clicking on links, etc.

Attracting Quality Leads and Pre-Selling Your Subscribers for Your Offers Has Never Been Easier!...

List building has never been so easy if you follow my course closely. You're getting access to the videos as a means of teaching so that you will have a clear visual of what you’re learning. If you ever have a tiny problem which stuck your way to build a list, this will solve the problem.

No list, no profits... and no sales. This course is the fastest and simplest way to build your list without going through hard time of researching and figuring out everything for yourself.

If you’re at the brink of losing customers and struggling to gain more new subscribers, and you're struggling to get the clicks, you need this training course. This course is designed not only for start-ups, this is also for every entrepreneur who wishes to get more leads and generate more profit!

If you ever bought other list building courses, you'll find that they're usually hard to digest and always seem to be missing something... leaving you to figure out the rest. And in some cases the presenters talk way too much, without showing you how to get stuff done.

Our training is different. We'll show you everything you need to know in a step-by-step manner as though we're actually there by your side assisting you. Everything is explained clearly, and you'll finally know what to do... and more importantly WHY you're doing it.

Your Purchase is Backed By a 100% ‘60-Day’ Satisfaction Guarantee!

You're now one step closer to building an online business that you've always wanted. This course was created BY marketers FOR marketers so you're getting REAL training that you need and refer back to time and time again.

When you invest in this course today you're backed by a ‘No Like No Buy’ guarantee. If you feel that these videos did not help you in anyway then send us an email requesting for a full and prompt refund.

How can we make such a confident guarantee? Simple. Firstly because we know that these videos are packed full of value - stuff that they don't teach you in school and secondly because we were once in your shoes and know what it's like to go through this steep learning curve.

You're getting access to the exact information we needed years ago but had to learn ourselves the hard way. Order now in complete confidence and we'll deliver this course to you immediately.

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