Want to build a massive list but sick of watching tutorials and getting nowhere?...

Can't Do The Technical Stuff? Get 10 Hot Squeeze Pages with Give-Away Reports You Can Brand with Your Very Own Products or Affiliate Product Links!

Finally attract quality subscribers without having to wrestle with third-party page builders and awkward autoresponders!

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There are only 2 main components you need to make a consistent income online... 1) a product and 2) a list. Products can be created within a matter of days and sales funnels developed within a matter of weeks with the help of resell rights and PLR. However building a substantial and responsive email list that buys your products can take months, even years.

...So it only makes sense that you should spend most of your time building your list... Right? After all, you only need a handful of products that sells well and the rest is down to traffic. However if it was THAT easy, you've got to ask yourself... why isn't everyone doing this?

The reality is most marketers simple DON'T have the skills to put together a high-performing squeeze page, give-away report and email campaign... And even when they do manage to put something basic together, the sign up rates are so low that it becomes pointless to send any traffic.

"...List Building Should be Your #1 Priority... If You Haven't got at least 1000 Subscribers or Getting Fresh Leads EVERY DAY then You'll Struggle to Make Sales Online!"

Note: This is a screenshot from two of our recently cleaned Aweber accounts. We have over 17,000+ active subscribers and generate as much as 81, 238 even 574 leads per day using the same marketing techniques we're about to share with you.

List traffic is hands down the best type of traffic you'll ever send to your website or affiliate offers and undoubtely gives you the best return on your time compared to any other form of advertising.

After all, people who actively put their hands up and say 'yes I want to learn more from you and what you have to offer' are far more committed and likely to make a purchase from a personal email you send out, than say, from an unknown pop-up window or text ad.

In fact, list building has become such a top priority that pro marketers treat it as a REAL asset like real estate and focus solely on acquiring leads and nuturing their list full time ...just so they can provide solo ad traffic for other marketers for as much as $1.78 or more per visitor... (not even a confirmed signup!)

Whether you like it or not, the truth is you NEED to build a list because let's face it... if you were already crushing it online you wouldn't be here on this page.

...And even though the term 'the money is in the list' has probably been nagged to you to death, most marketers fail to ACT upon it. It's one thing to say you 'know it' ...but to TRULY apply it in your business and make it a DAILY practice is another thing altogether.

"...Google's Algorithm... Facebook's Advertising Policy... eBay's Strict Listing Rules... amongst many other systems Couldn't Care Less Whether You're in Business One Day... or Permanently Banned the Next..."

There's no denying that there are myriad of other business models you can choose from... such as traffic arbitrage, direct linking paid ads to affiliate offers, drop-shipping... even various black hat techniques...

But the problem is most of these methods are either WAY too hard for the average person or short-lived... give you little control over your business or worse... end up getting your website or accounts blacklisted and banned...

We've tried many of these systems ourselves and after experiencing countless 'limitations', 'penalizations', 'suspensions' and 'shutdowns' ...we realize that it's best to do things slowly and properly from the beginning.

This is why it's SO important to find a solid business model that's PROVEN to work and 100% yours and to stick with it!

But don't take our word for it... just read what our experienced clients have to say about what it takes to survive online...

"I Have Been Marketing Online FULL-TIME for 18 Years Now... the BIGGEST Mistake I Ever Made was NOT Building an Email List!"

I have been marketing online FULL-TIME for 18 years now. Everything I learned about online marketing was through trial and error. Yes, I made a lot of money but I also lost a lot of money because I had to learn everything the hard way.

The internet back then was...learn as you go. After having some success, I took a few years off to travel the world and to spend time with my family and friends. I didn't have to worry about money because I was living off of the monthly residual income I created which was a beautiful thing.

However, when I decided to get back to online marketing again...Everything had totally changed. All the things I learned in the past was no longer working. No more top ranking on Google! No more cheap pay per click ads! All the places I once advertised for free dried up.

And the BIGGEST mistake I ever made was not building an email list. A friend of mine told me about this site and I joined immediately. Once inside the members area, I was shocked to see all the valuable content I was searching for and needing to build my business back to a six figure income.

I am now using everything I've learned here and things are turning around greatly for me in just a short period of time. If you are a complete "NEWBIE" or a seasoned professional...DON'T WASTE TIME PROCRASTINATING! START BUILDING YOUR BUSINESS THE RIGHT WAY!

- Leonard Palmer

"I have Been Trying to Make Money Online for at Least 15 Years... But I Say it's NEVER Too Late to Start and Get it Right!"

I have been trying to make money online for at least 15 years. What I realize now is exactly what he's teaching me. I was impatient, didn't want to do it according to the steps in front of me, and I thought I was going to make money now. It's going to take more than what I was doing, and I hope I'm a lot smarter now.

This will give me the tools to change my attitude, and to be patient and build a business instead of expecting big things to happen. Had I done that years ago, I would have already built a business and I wouldn't have spent so much money on software and programs that I got no help with.

But I say it's never too late to start and get it right! I wish I had had this years ago (and I probably did but was too impatient to know it).

- Ramona Lee

"I've Been in the Internet Industry for Over 20 Years... This Industry Constantly Changes More than ANY Other..."

I've been in the internet industry for over 20 years and essentially done everything. I believe there's always things to learn and always ways to do things easier and better. This industry constantly changes probably more than any other industry. It is very easy to fall behind as it is impossible to know everything.

This is very well put together in a simplistic and informative format that will work for beginners to professionals like myself. One could easily spend hundreds or even thousands for the same content, which surprised me when it was so cheap. I was expecting some slapped together files of recycled content but instead have access to well thought out, well edited and well published content.

This is very well put together and very well thought out. I don't say this lightly. I've paid a lot more for a lot less MANY times. A great big five-star recommendation from me and huge kudos for doing such a great job.

- Dan Harley, Jr.

"The Answer is Simple... Invest Your Time Now in Building a Responsive Email List and You'll NEVER Experience a Bad Sales Day Again!..."

So what are your options?...

...You could grab some cheap PLR squeeze pages ...however you'll still have to re-work the content to stand out from other marketers

...You could invest in landing page software ...however the results aren't guaranteed because you've still got to come up with original sales copy and designs.

...You could continue to learn how to do this yourself ...however it will be hit and miss and progress will be frustratingly slow.

...Or you could have EVERYTHING done for you. Right now you can get an empire of stylish high-converting list building campaigns setup for you within a matter of days!

NO need to come up with creative titles... NO need to design jaw-dropping covers... NO need to write persuasive sales copy... NO need to write up useful reports with affiliate recommendations. Why?... Because it's all DONE for you!

Introducing The Super Signup System V2

10 High-Converting Squeeze Pages with Give-Away PDF Reports ...Guaranteed to Help You Build a Responsive and Profitable List FAST!

The Super Signup System is our premium setup service for those that demand only the best in a turn-key list building solution. We created 10 high-converting squeeze page systems and packaged everything into one powerful setup service that will place you way ahead of the competition.

Now you can take the long route and create your squeeze pages, free gifts, and email sequences from scratch and hope for the best ...or you could just skip all the hurdles and let us do EVERYTHING for you!

If you want to skip the learning curve, cut through months of content development, save hours of manual labour and shortcut your way to a multi-lead generating system, then pay close attention to every word on this page because this is for YOU.

Check out the entire range of products we'll install for you...

Squeeze Page System #1
77 Mindset Hacks to Build Online Wealth

Teach internet marketers and entrepreneurs the art of building wealth and preserving it

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What you'll teach your subscribers...

"Discover 77 Timeless Wealth Secrets to Building Online Riches Used by Top Internet Millionaires..."

Discover the TRUE meaning of wealth and why it doesn't always involve a gigantic mortgage for a beautiful home or a luxury car.

Why 80% of modern millionaires were able to achieve their status on annual incomes of $55,000 or less.

Learn why perfection and complacency are enemies and failure and urgency are your friends.

The big misconception that a 'high salary' translates to wealth... and what to do about this.

How to 'do what you love' while getting paid so you feel like you're never working again.

5 Investments vehicals to build long term wealth and which one(s) are right for you.

How dream charts can re-program your subconcious mind and manifest your financial destiny... faster.

100% Done for You Squeeze Page System Plus Full Installation Service Worth $197

Squeeze Page System #2
18 Ways to Create $10K Niche Products

Teach internet marketers how to perform niche research and build profitable products around a problem

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What you'll teach your subscribers...

"Discover 18 Closely Guarded Secrets to Create Your Next Killer $10,000 Niche Product Idea!"

Why creating your own niche products is easier than you think... even if 'so-called' gurus will tell you otherwise.

How to break 'traditional' methods of product creation and create hot niche products within a matter of hours!

A simple way to create a winning product fast while building your reputation almost effortlessly!

How to plan, outline and design your product content to make it irresistible... even if you've never written a sales letter!

Discover the special '3 word phrase' you can use to avoid doubts, fears and writer's block!

How to price your products for volume and profit... and how to cunningly use your competition's hard work to your advantage

4 Deadly effective ways to get your products sold... and how you can build your business fast just using 1 of these techniques alone.

100% Done for You Squeeze Page System Plus Full Installation Service Worth $197

Squeeze Page System #3
7 Super Simple Traffic Tactics

Teach marketers, webmasters, small business owners effective ways to generate free traffic

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What you'll teach your subscribers...

"7 Proven Strategies to Boost Your Website Traffic with Just 30 Minutes of Work Per Day!"

Discover the dark UGLY truth behind traffic and why all traffic is NOT equal.

How to develop the right traffic plan BEFORE you build your first website, or start a campaign. Hint: Get this right and save 100s of hours and $1000s in unnecessary costs!

Discover why content is STILL king and how to put together useful articles that continue to pump traffic to your site for years.

Discover the 7 unwritten rules of forum advertising, what to do, what NOT to do, and how to avoid getting banned.

See why giving stuff away for free can build up your 'traffic bank', so you can release traffic the future traffic anytime, anywhere!

We'll reveal 2 powerful tools that you can use RIGHT NOW to multiply your traffic effortlessly... (and they're free to use!)

100% Done for You Squeeze Page System Plus Full Installation Service Worth $197

Squeeze Page System #4
Profitable Blogging in 15 Minutes

Teach aspiring bloggers how to start and maintain a successful blog for free traffic and exposure

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What you'll teach your subscribers...

"How to Start Your Own Wildly Profitable Traffic-Getting Blog in Less than 15 Minutes!"

How blogging can be profitable for ordinary individuals like you who have a passion for sharing!

5 Important things to look out for when creating your first blog.

REVEALED! 5 Pro tips producing existing content that people will come back to, like and share!

How to get your blog up and running within 15 minutes or less!

10 'not so obvious' components of your blog you need to conside to be unique and distinguishable.

How to write content in a way that ensures you get constant traffic (and sales) to your blog!

10 Simple checks to ensure you keep your readers and search engines happy!

100% Done for You Squeeze Page System Plus Full Installation Service Worth $197

Squeeze Page System #5
47 Social Media Marketing Hacks

Teach aspiring social media marketers the art of creating content that attracts clicks

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What you'll teach your subscribers...

"47 Little Known Social Media Marketing Hacks to Effortlessly Build a Strong Following ...Starting Today!"

Discover 3 simple things that all social media users are HIGHLY attracted to and how you can copy and paste them into your posts for more traffic!

See how to use the 'fill-in-the-blank' post title trick to attract even more people to your posts. (We'll even give you a proven example to model off...)

Discover 1 super effective sales technique that doesn't involve the 'hard sell'. (Tip! Your followers will love you for this and cling on to your every word!)

Find out how to recycle 'dead content' when you're stuck for original new ideas!

Revealed! 4 powerful 'emotional triggers' that get people to open your posts ...plus how you can adopt this method in all other areas of your online marketing campaigns!

Find out the 5-letter word that all 7-figure marketers use and how you can apply it to your business within moments from now.

100% Done for You Squeeze Page System Plus Full Installation Service Worth $197

Squeeze Page System #6
10 Steps to Affiliate Marketing Profits

Provide aspiring beginners an overview and the do's and dont's of affiliate marketing

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What you'll teach your subscribers...

"Make Your First Sale Online without Picking up the Phone, Cold-Calling or Selling Your Own Products!..."

Discover the 3 things every new affiliate marketer needs to know to survive online. (...ignore this advice and you'll be struggling for a long time!)

How to predict your traffic and sales BEFORE you start plus exactly how much traffic you need to make 1 sale a day!

Discover the most powerful '4-letter word' you can use in your affiliate marketing campaigns (...and how NOT using this can actually hurt your sales)

9 Important questions you need to ask yourself before investing your time, energy and money into an affiliate program!

The 5-letter word you need to establish with your prospects and visitors WELL BEFORE you sell anything (...this is more important than the product itself)

How to avoid the 3 major newbie mistakes of affiliate marketing (...your audience can tell immediately if you haven't applied the third tip!)

100% Done for You Squeeze Page System Plus Full Installation Service Worth $197

Squeeze Page System #7
100 Ways to Build a Profitable Email List

Give aspiring and existing list builders one-hundred creative ways to build their list

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What you'll teach your subscribers...

"100 Proven Ways to Build a Highly Responsive Email List that Clicks Your Emails and Buys Your Products!"

Discover the 2 top ways to profit from your list! (Hint - it's one of the most simplest concepts that you are probably overlooking).

Revealed! 10 power tips you can start applying today to build a list that will always buy from you and never want to leave!

Discover how to build attractive lead pages that convert like crazy and pull in new subscribers every single day!

8 Simple tips to create landing pages in ANY niche for ANY free gift you have to offer!

How to convert cold prospects into paying customers ASAP while keeping your unsubscribe rates low.

Double opt-in vs. Single opt-in? Which one is better and why and in what scenarios do you need to switch?

1 Simple strategy to keep your subscribers engaged and eager to read your emails!

100% Done for You Squeeze Page System Plus Full Installation Service Worth $197

Squeeze Page System #8
7 Email Hacks for Build a $10K Income

Teach list owners how to maximize their profits from their existing list

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What you'll teach your subscribers...

"7 Killer Email Marketing Hacks to Build a 5-Figure Per Month Income with a Small List of 2,000 Subscribers!"

See why NOT sending enough emails to your subscribers can HURT your business long term, ...even if you think you're sending too often!

How to cross-promote seemingly unrelated products to smaller niches by applying 'outside the box' thinking (plus a cool example that works!)

Find out which format to send your messages in ...and what you can learn from BIG companies like Amazon, eBay and Groupon

Discover ninja marketing tactics to get the most clicks and how a small list of 2,000 can outperform a list of 10,000 subscribers!

See how 1 simple setting in your autoresponder account can increase your open rates plus 5 swipe templates you can use immediately.

How to put together months of email content together within a matter of minutes... and actually have subscribers thanking you for them!

100% Done for You Squeeze Page System Plus Full Installation Service Worth $197

Squeeze Page System #9
10 Ways to Create Digital Products

Teach internet marketers effective ways to create content for their first information product

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What you'll teach your subscribers...

"10 Quick and Easy Ways to Create Your Next Digital Product Fast! ...Even if You've NEVER Created One Before"

Discover the #1 fastest and easiest way to create your own products using other people's content LEGALLY using a 6-step process!... (most newbies will never take advantage of this).

A simple way to get the gurus to create 90% of your product for you... in a way that will make it hard for them to say 'no'.

How to leverage other people's time and talents... and why it's costing you BIG TIME to create your own products from scratch.

1 simple marketing strategy to get your audience to create your product and sales letter for you!

How and WHY you can 'tutorialize' almost any product or software and charge a premium ...even if the information is freely available.

How to use blogs and forums to create products within 24 hours. (Most will never take advantage of this strategy. You'll have little or no competition).

100% Done for You Squeeze Page System Plus Full Installation Service Worth $197

Squeeze Page System #10
23 Tactics to Write Converting Sales Letters

Teach marketers how to increase their sales with persuasive copywriting techniques

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What you'll teach your subscribers...

"How to Legally and Ethically Write Seductive Sales Letters that Almost 'Hypnotize' Your Prospects into Clicking Your Order Button!..."

An introduction to copy writing - why it's seriously overlooked but remains the ONLY thing standing between you and a flood of sales.

3 Power tips to brainstorm your offer and craft the perfect sales letter for any product in any niche.

Discover 3 deadly effective tips to write compelling headlines that qualifies your prospects and keeps them reading to the bottom of your page!

Revealed! The 4 components needed to write emotional and compelling stories that leave a lasting impression on your prospects ...even when they're not on your site!

The 4-step process to introducing your offer and why you should 'sell the sizzle, and not the steak'.

6 Effective ways to diffuse all prospect doubts, change their state of mind and minimize buyers' remorse.

3 Trade secrets to keep your prospects hot for your offer so you can make the 'call to action' and finally close the sale.

100% Done for You Squeeze Page System Plus Full Installation Service Worth $197

The Super Signup System V2 Gives You the List Building Advantage You Need to Run and Grow a Profitable Online Business... Without All the Technical Hassles!

...and helps you attract more quality subscribers with less effort than ever before!

Premium Page Designs

You'll receive by far one of the best squeeze page systems in the industry with attention-grabbing titles, professional graphic covers, optimized layout and of course fully mobile responsive designs to look good and functional on all devices. Every squeeze page has been carefully crafted to not only attract subscribers, but prime them for your upcoming offers.

2-Step Opt-in Process

We fitted every squeeze page with a 2-step opt-in process. When a visitor lands on your page and clicks your call-to-action button, an unblockable window will pop up asking them to enter their email address before they can access your report. For our experience we found this method generates the highest conversion rates without sacrificing the quality of leads.

Quality Give-Away Reports

Every squeeze page offers a quality marketing report on a specific topic. The reports are short, but useful and provide just the right amount of content to motivate your readers to take action and get results fast. As soon as they see that you can help them, they'll be ready to see what your paid offers can provide.

The Super Signup System V2 Empowers You with Multiple Entrances to Your Sales Funnel... Faster Lead Generation and More Backend Profit!

...and that's only just the beginning!

Fast Action Bonus!

ACT NOW and You'll Also Receive 100 Autoresponder Marketing Emails!

Act now and you'll also receive your very own 100 Autoresponder Marketing Emails to use to build a relationship with your subscribers!

You'll have INSTANT AutoResponder campaigns for your subscribers, customers, affiliates and more!

It's incredibly essential that you follow up with all of the people who show interest in your business or product offering to ensure that you gain maximum profit potential from them.

Please note however that this super bonus WILL NOT be around forever and can be taken down at any time. If you want to get the best deal, have your very own business and maximize your profit then be sure to secure this bonus now! This bonus alone will multiply your income instantly.

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Act now and you'll also receive your very own PDF Editing Video Training to use to add links and banners to your PDF's for extended profits!

I am also including a video on editing your PDF giveaway guides.

This super easy to follow video shows exactly how to add your name, and promotional links to the PDF. Use them to advertise your other products. A complete list of PDF editors you can use for free online, no downloads or purchase necessary.

Please note however that this super bonus WILL NOT be around forever and can be taken down at any time. If you want to get the best deal, have your very own business and maximize your profit then be sure to secure this bonus now! This bonus alone will multiply your income instantly.

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Act now and you'll also receive your very own special offer page similar to what you're seeing now so you can present your own subscribers with one heck of a deal!

No need to write a new sales letter, no need to design graphics. Just slap on your payment button, upload and sell!

Please note however that this super bonus WILL NOT be around forever and can be taken down at any time. If you want to get the best deal, have your very own business and maximize your profit then be sure to secure this bonus now! This bonus alone will multiply your income instantly.

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Not Sure If The Super Signup System is for YOU?... Here Are 7 Serious Reasons Why You Should STRONGLY Consider Our Created For You System...

REASON #1 - Everything is done so there's ZERO chance you can mess it up! Sure it can be fun learning the craft, but chances are you've watched plenty of 'how to' tutorials online and still don't have the confidence to actually do it yourself. Save yourself the hassles and we'll do it all for you.

REASON #2 - You will NEVER have to touch the system itself. As soon as you upload it simply promote! Now there's definitely no room for errors and you spend maximum time promoting and building your list!... where it's needed most!

REASON #3 - You need a technical, detailed mind, not to mention peace and quiet to put together a complex system like this! If you've got other commitments like a day job, a demanding family, noisy kids etc. then you're going to struggle to complete a task this size. You'll have this all complete and fully working within a matter of days so the hardest part of your list building empire is done for you.

REASON #4 - You need MULTIPLE entrances into your business and your sales funnel. Yes you can get by using one squeeze page, but chances are it will not cater to everyone. It will either be too broad that you get 'wishy washy' subscribers, or it will be too niche that it doesn't attract enough people. With 10 systems in place you'll span your reach while building a quality list.

REASON #5 - The money REALLY is in the list! If you're not building your list, then you're simply leaving money on the table. We've been building our mailing list for over a decade and have relied on it as our priority source of traffic. while other marketers are trying to outsmart the search engines with blackhat tricks, and getting 'slapped' and penalized from Facebook and Google, we're still using the same old method that is reliable and dependable.

REASON #6 - List building is an DAILY on-going process. The last thing you want is to spend more time trying to put something half-decent together, or wrestle with some expensive third-party landing page software. Use our expertly created systems to get over this technical hurdel and get the head start you need!

REASON #7 - You need to leave it to the experts to do the work for you. Would you attempt to fix a problem with your car if there was a fault with the engine? Would you attempt to fix your boiler if it wasn't working properly? Then why struggle with an internet marketing business? We've SOLVED the problem for you, so you can focus solely on promoting your business and getting more leads!

"...You're Only a Click Away from Building Your List and Achieving the Internet Marketing Lifestyle!..."

The idea of sending out an email and making sales even while you're asleep is very appealing but you need to have the right attitude and system in place achieve that lifestyle.

...Imagine what it's like to have subscribers eagerly waiting for your every email and actually interested in what you have to offer rather than challenging your reputation and questioning your offers...

...Imagine what it's like to so many subscribers in your Aweber account(s) that you're guaranteed to turn a profit with every broadcast email you send out...

...Imagine getting 10, 20, 50, even 100 subscribers or more every day that a few unsubscribers here and there will NEVER bother you...

...Imagine what it's like to NEVER experience a 'bad sales day' ever again... simply because you invested so much of your time building a quality list that your autoresponders are working full time making sales for you!

...Imagine NEVER having to worry about Google's algorithm changes... Facebook slaps... quality scores... or getting ads approved... because your business simply DOES NOT depend on them.

...With the right marketing system in place that's now possible!

Secure Your Super Signup System V2 Now & Get Your List Building Empire 100% Setup for You!

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Get Your Internet Business 100% Setup For You! Secure Your Super Signup System Now!

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Eric Thompson is an established internet marketer with over 15 years of online experience. He provides innovative high level turn-key solutions and website installation services for marketers. The Superior Sales Machine is the result of years of knowledge and experience all condensed into one powerful marketing system that any beginner and expert can profit from. Eric will be handling all the backend sales and future product launches on your behalf to ensure you continue to profit!

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"The Ultra Sales Machine has Helped 100s of Entrepreneurs Build Their Business!... But Don't Take Our Word for it! Just Listen to What Our Customers say..."

"I've literally paid $300+ in the past for just ONE squeeze page and autoresponder system, but this is a STEAL for the current price."

Got mine setup today, and here's my honest opinion.... I'm already someone who's been making a living online, but I'm always looking for ways to improve my sales funnels and am willing to try new things. I tend have a knack for knowing when things won't work and the problem with "gurus" and most "business in a box" products is that you barely get any help after you buy them with very little guidance on how to set things up which eventually leads to failures regardless of great testimonials and results from others. Also, a lot of these products require personal tweaking which can easily make or break your money making career.

I've gone over some of Eric's system and it's hands down, the most complete list building system I've purchased yet. Even way more complete than systems I've purchased for 3 times the price. This is a close to complete as you can get and all you need to do is drive traffic to it without doing any tweaking. Talk about over delivering! Probably the best thing that David's system contains is an affiliate program that gives your subscribers incentive to promote it and will help build your list on autopilot. Most of the systems I've used have been nothing more than swarming your subscribers with offer after offer, but giving your subscribers a piece of the pie will help them much more than blasting them with offers, so everybody wins!

I've literally paid $300+ in the past for just ONE squeeze page and autoresponder system, but this is a STEAL for the current price. This list building system is easily worth $997+ alone. I have no doubt that this system will spike up in price pretty soon, so I highly recommend to grab it ASAP! Thanks so much, David! - Ryan Molina

"Over 150 new leads in a matter of days!... I was able to save a ton of time and find exactly what I wanted. I'm very pleased."

I wanted a second sales funnel in place but it had to be professional looking and I wanted something that I could get up and running in a very short time. Eric delivered with Ultra Sales Machine. Top notch products on both ends of the funnel and because if this, I have been able to bring in over 150 new leads in a matter of days! Thanks to Eric I was able to save a ton of time and find exactly what I wanted. I'm very pleased and would highly recommend the Ultra Sales Machine to anyone.... Both newbies and experienced marketers. - Anthony McNeil

"Wow what a MASSIVE time saver. I'm WAY ahead of the other members with this,,,"

It would take me a year to do all that work by myself that this package has. I've bought ready made Wordpress sites before that have cost as much and given me way less. I'm in a paid private marketing group and now I'm way ahead of the other members with this. You really have a great deal going here. Thanks Eric. - Rod Hamilton

"FREAKING PRICELESS! In less than 2 days and I have received 3 notifications from PayPal: You received a payment of $17.00 USD from..."

Eric had this set up and traffic ready in less than 2 days and I have received 3 of the following notifications from PayPal: You received a payment of $17.00 USD from... Are there any words that would describe the service Eric provides in this offer better than the words from PayPal? I don't think so! I can only dream of what may come a month or more down the road after sending more traffic to these front-end offers - let alone what will transpire via the list created and the autoresponder offers. Lets forget about the awesome income potential on the surface - and take a deeper look at what is achievable by modeling the sales funnel that will be yours to reproduce on your server. Freakin priceless! Thanks Eric- Marie Cruz

"I was a bit skeptical about handing over my personal details... but I quickly forgot about that!... You gotta have this sales funnel!"

I jumped in and bought this from Eric and let me tell you that it really is a great system. To start with i was a bit skeptical about throwing out $97 and handing over my personal details, but I quickly forgot about that. The funnel is huge and i know for a fact if you were to do it yourself it would cost a lot more than what he charges not to mention the time spent putting it together. I got it setup in about 3 days and I am truly impressed. Everything is setup, there is literally nothing to do except drive traffic at it. I am just implementing some traffic methods now and I am sure I will not only see opt-ins but sales on the backend as well. If you are reading through these reviews wondering whether you should buy this system, stop reading and hit the buy button. Bottom line - You gotta have this sales funnel. - Mark Barrett

"Would take me FOREVER to learn to build and setup professionally if I were to do it myself... This one's a NO BRAINER go for it!"

Hi Eric, I definitely recommend your service to anyone who is planning on starting or building an internet business. You can learn to do it all yourself but you'd be wasting too much of your time in the process. Save yourself the whole learning curve and if not years of your time before you can really actually have your own internet business. I know I have. If you are lost, unsure, don't know where to begin and always procrastinate then David's service is definitely for you. You will have a whole business funnel ready for you to make money in no time. The kind of quality I know would take me forever to learn to build and setup professionally if I were to do it myself. Now the best part is Eric will continuously tweak the system to be even better so how cool is that! You will have a great system that will make you money and which is always getting better and better and ALL you have to do is bring in the traffic. This takes all the other headaches away and leaves you with only one task to do and that is to drive traffic. Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to jump start your online business. This will only accelerate you to make money online that much faster and easier! This one's a no brainer go for it! - Csivasri

"First week 40 signups, 1 Sale! Easiest List Building Ever!"

I have been marketing on the internet for some time. Most products do not deliver on all their promises. Eric over delivered.Everything was setup for me, all I had to do was advertise. First week 40 signups, 1 Sale. Now my task is to help my subscribers reach their goals by providing tips and tools to succeed. Very satisfied with my purchase and will be purchasing more from Eric. Thank you. - Patrick

"4am this morning, low and behold my business was ready to go!... I'm absolutely FLAWED, what you have produced."

Hi Eric, I wondered after ordering this business in a box whether you would respond back after waiting for a reply. However, once I opened my email about 4am this morning, low and behold, my business was ready to go and a complete instructional material to follow through which certainly wasn't difficult to understand after all. Thanks for a great system you have set up for me. Im absolutely flawed, what you have produced. I went through all the benefits that this system is providing on your salespage. It was a lot of reading but could feel the need to go further and start up my own money making business. It certainly is a business in a box set up from start to finish (squeeze page to sequencing of emails). I definately will be encouraging my family to particpate and order their system. I now have a job to do and that is to promote my squeeze page and follow through with the video training you have also delivered. So once again, thanks a million for delivering this system in a timely manner. - Richard Taputoro

"I saved weeks, and hours of FRUSTRATION... I hope you continue to create products like this!"

I'm a techie, but I have to saw this "Done-For-You" product absolutely rocks. As a marketer, I really want to focus on getting traffic. If you have Traffic and a good sales funnel you can make money. The Ultra Sales Machine has allowed me to add a new sales funnel and be up and running in just a couple of days. This would have taken me weeks of part-time work. I hope you continue to create products like this that allow marketer to easily create and monetize our business. Thanks again! - Don Shults

"This funnel is easily worth 10 TIMES what you're charging!"

The first thought that came to me was, "wow!" Seriously... this is an incredibly well-thought out and well put together funnel. I have to admit... I was a bit skeptical at first. As a direct response consultant, I've helped my clients earn millions of dollars, both online and through the mail. This year, it's my turn to share in the wealth - lol! That said, when I first saw your offer, it seemed almost too good to be true. Still... I've seen you around "the hood" as it were and we have interacted on occasion in the past. You are definitely one of "the good guys" out there in the IM industry. So... I decided to take the plunge. I'm in the process of launching my own funnel and I thought why not have another and let's see what Eric has put together.

This funnel is a winner. The products are good quality, the email copy is well done and perhaps most importantly, I didn't have to lift a finger to get any of it done. That's pretty damn cool. To create something like this on my own would take hours and hours. I should know... because as I mentioned, I'm in the process of launching my own product funnel. And in fact, it's taking me weeks to pull all the pieces to together.

Now, I admit, I'm a bit of a perfectionist. But still, I couldn't believe your team had the whole thing "live at five" in less than 72 hours. Hats off to you for putting together an awesome support team! Not only that, but the traffic videos you've provided as a bonus along with the instructions on how to make the most out of the funnel are top notch. This funnel is easily worth 10 times what you're charging if not more. This funnel is great for newbies and more experienced marketers alike... if for no other reason than to get an education in how to create a profit-pulling funnel. That said, for anyone serious about starting a business in the IM niche, or any other niche for that matter, your Ultra Sales Machine deal should be a no-brainer. I'm looking forward to seeing the cash start rolling in. Thanks again! - Neal

"I Have About 20 People on My List Today... In The First Hour I Had a Sale For $17!"

I ordered my site last Friday night and my site was up and running Sunday evening which was great considering it was the weekend. I spend about 2 hours trying to just get my head around the whole system and the way it was set up. I'm new to sales funnels and list building so to have a system fully set up and ready to go like this is worth way more than what Eric is charging.

I decided to buy a couple of solo ads just to get the ball rolling while I'm working on driving traffic to my site. My first solo ad started yesterday and in the first hour i had a sale for $17. My list is building slowly i have about 20 people on my list today and I'm still only on my first solo ad. I know at the moment a lot depends on the quality of the solo ads I'm buying so it will just take time to start getting quality traffic.

I think this is a great system Eric is offering here not only is it fully set up and ready to go but you have the full blueprints of how a system like this should be set up and that's worth the price alone. I have bought a lot of products and sites and this is the first time I feel like I'm getting real value for my money. I also found Erica really nice guy to work it replied to any of my questions in a very short time. Overall 10/10. I hope Eric brings out more products like this in different niches. - Patrick

"This system is much more than I expected... Incredible value"

This system is much more than I expected. It`s been a long time coming but I am so happy I invested into your product. The price was well worth it. A spit in the bucket, so to speak. I would certainly recommend this system to beginners, experienced marketers, and professionals. The training I have been given has been an eye opening experience. I look forward to future dealings with you. Thanks again for the great work. - Kim Gales

"Too good an offer to pass... Computer idiots like me can benefit!"

Eric was offering to do everything from A to Z at such an attractive offer I thought might as well give it a try and I believe I made the right choice by subscribing to Superior Sales Machine. Frankly speaking I find it just too difficult to understand computer jargon and if I had to build even a simple website it would have taken me weeks or months . I have attended many courses in my home country but still nothing beats Eric's offer. If your original offer is $497 and then cut down to $197 of course it is too good an offer to pass.

Definitely I want to recommend this system to more people and my personal motto is I only promote what I believe is worth the paid amount and its application and the main driving force for me to go for this system is because everything would be taken care of by Eric so computer idiots like me can benefit. Thank you Eric keep up the good work wish you more success in the future. - Hozefa Bs Zumkhawala

"BRILLIANT time saver! ...It would have taken me weeks even months to set up something like this and it wouldn't have been a quarter as good"

What a brilliant time saver, it would have taken me weeks even months to set up something like this and it wouldn't have been a quarter as good. I'm concentrating now on driving traffic knowing that I've got a superb sales funnel in place. I'm really looking forward to the new revisions. Thanks! - Barry Newton

"You can feel the hand of a professional"

Hi, Eric. Today I received your report, and was pleasantly surprised seen. This first-class work paralized me on the spot. I have never been able, thanks. I am very happy to work with you. The fact that you have created, it is a masterpiece. You can feel the hand of a professional. Thank you many times. - Vladislav Sitnikov

"Along came Eric... I had the feeling I could TRUST him and I was NEVER disappointed."

I am completley new to internet marketing. First I tried to start without much investment which did not work too well. Then a friend told me, that I have to invest in order to get something back. So I started to invest and to download everything there was offered. It did not work either. Along came David. From the first mail I had the feeling I could trust him and I was never disappointed. His products helped me a lot to find the "right" or a better way. When I found out that creating a squeeze page with all the necessary ingredients was to much for me I asked Eric and his team for help. Within a few days I had a terrific looking system. All I had to do was fill in a form. After the installation I still had two questions which were answered by Eric' s team in a very short time. So again, Thank you David. - Heinz Wolek

"Great Time Saver! The package was set up REALLY quick... EXACTLY what I was expecting and needed"

I bought this product recently and it was exactly what I was expecting and needed as I am interested in building a list. The fact that its done for you is a great time saver as I have not built a list before or really had my own quality products to promote. The built in affiliate programe is very good because it offers afflilates commission. The package was set up really quick and following David's instructions I had this set up in a sub folder of my blog where I have some related information and additional squeeze pages. Thanks again Eric excellent product! - Bulu Miah

"All the Phases of a Sales Funnel are PERFECTLY Set Up... These Guys Simply OVER-Deliver!"

I have been buying products from many people online before but these guys are simply the best when it comes to CUSTOMER SERVICE and PRODUCT QUALITY. seriously.

See, I initially gave them a domain name that they uploaded everything onto only for me to change my mind about the domain name I used AFTER they have done an excellent job and delivered the work. However, to my surprise they did not even argue, or ask me to pay any additional costs, before doing the work all over again. Even when I asked what my additional payment will be, they told me not to worry and then they went ahead to deliver an exceptional product too without even any hint of irritation. For this alone I am in love with these guys forever and will gladly buy anything they are promoting.

Also, besides the customer service, which I rate #1 above everything I have ever seen, the product itself is just awesome. Prior to buying this product, I was getting overwhelmed about how to get a good product in place, where I can really spend time and money promoting with the assurance that i have a good platform before i ran into this product and it is EXACTLY what I need. All the phases of a sales funnel are perfectly set up and all I am doing now is driving traffic. Thank you guys so much! Let me know about your other products ASAP! - Dr Ope Banwo

"My site was up and running within 72 hours... 2 sales just from organic traffic in just 3 days."

I ordered my site last week during the evening and my site was up and running within 72 hours, which was great turnaround considering all that needs to be set up. I spent several hours trying to just get my head around the system and the way it was set up. The instructions page is a great help for getting the birds eye view and understanding of the whole system.

I've known about sales funnels and list building, but could never get a whole system integrated and up and running on my own. So to have a system fully set up and ready to go like this is a great base to build on. And certainly at a great price for all you receive. I have not bought any ads, I may do that to get the ball rolling, but I already have 2 sales just from organic traffic in just 3 days. It seems Eric is a good guy to work with. Will be waiting to see how this all progresses! - Ryan Hunter

"Eric Thompson is a genius!... The best fully functional sales funnels that only need traffic!"

Eric Thompson is a genius! I seriously doubt anyone would argue with that statement as he is known for producing the best fully functional sales funnels that only need traffic sent to them. I am totally pleased with the system I've already acquired and most certainly am going to get me more of them. This has saved me years of headaches and enabled me have my own business up and running without the hassles involved in producing these gems. - Stanley Day

"This is a COMPLETE sales funnel, created and set up for you... the work is DONE for you."

Wow, so quick Eric. Thank you so much. This is just what I wanted. I don't write testimonials very often....and there's a good reason for that. Much of the shiny new objects out there in Internet-Marketing-land are just re-hashes by people who make a living by telling other people how to make a living, without actually doing it themselves. This offer is so different from that, it's just not true. This is a complete sales funnel, created and set up for you. Sure, you have to do some work like getting traffic but even training for this is included. The bulk of the work is done for you. My website was up and running within a few day. I had a couple of really minor issues but Eric fixed these, again within a few hours. I'm a very satisfied customer. - Ray Harries

"I made 2 SALES in my first day... I have been around for a while and have seen NOTHING like this. "

Quite frankly I like working smarter, not just harder. I work hard every day but when I got Eric to set up my products for me it really was fantastic. He over delivers and there are a bunch of products. I have been around for a while and have seen nothing like this. And after all was set up I made 2 sales in my first day. Thanks Eric - Ramsay Helps

"First time and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!... I wholeheartedly and enthusiastically recommend this service"

I recently used Eric Thompson's service for the first time and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! The work was completed better and faster than any of the many other methods I've tried. In just a couple of days Eric's team implemented an entire multi-site system of squeeze pages, auto responder messages, upsells, and cross-sells with all of my own affiliate links as a turn-key system. In my opinion, the number one problem that prevents most Internet marketers from achieving success is the lack of a complete and effective sales funnel. This is a HUGE ADVANTAGE for any Internet Marketer who wants to skip the painful tedious implementation and instead focus on MAKING MONEY FAST. I wholeheartedly and enthusiastically recommend this service. - Brock Allen

"Eric is an excellent person to work with"

Eric is an excellent person to work with. He developed a product for me few months ago. Whenever I have issues, he replies to my inquiry fast. He helps me address an issues. I will be buying more of his products in the future as they are excellent products. As a newbie in this internet marketing arena, I need someone like Eric and his staff for help. - Solomon M

"Eric is very detailed and smart and provides you with everything you need to help grow your list and business"

When I saw the price and the time saver it would be for me as I usually do everything myself it was a real no brainer! I submitted all my information to the team and viola and less than 24 hours had me up and running I was amazed truly then I let some people know and immediately I had my first sale. So here I was totally surprised and thought wow I can really see this working so I'm off to get busy letting as many people know about this awesome system that was definitely worth it and more to me and my business. Eric is very detailed and smart and provides you with everything you need to help grow your list and business. Thanks to Eric I now have the best sales funnel in town! It is especially good for newbies and even seasoned marketers with no time to spare and it really does offer the customer everything they need to get started. Plus the traffic training is quality and powerful. Okay I better get to work now I have an awesome product to promote!!! - Sanoe Fukui

"Compare this system with other building funnel offers... nearest functioning system of this level is offered for about $1,200 just for the list building"

I am experienced online marketer and at the beginning was really skeptic about opportunity to have full range funnel system within couple hours. When I am doing such system by myself it's usually take couple weeks of researching, implementing and testing before the funnel will be able to work and generate income. That's why it was complete shock for me when I have received fully loaded and functioning funnel system within a few days.

Second pleasant impression I received when start checking and testing system - trying to understand how the funnel works. It's like "dream comes true" - deeper I go into the system - more amazing discoveries I have and learn. This is like an iceberg - what you see on surface is just fraction of entire huge system, existing behind the scene. Clear and advanced methodology of funnel structure, working codes and links on each and every funnel page, exceptional design and graphic - makes this system outstanding and attractive tool for establishing online business. I have opportunity to compare this system with other building funnel offers on market and now believe this is true winner. Not just because of the price - (nearest functioning system of this level is offered for about $1,200 just for the list building), but because of functioning potential that system has.

I would recommend this system to both categories of marketers - beginners and experienced professionals. Offered system allow to save a lot of time and provide high standard quality. I believe that system currently establishing Highest Standard for online funnel marketing. An the good news is - system currently producing income as is - without any alteration or improvements. I would like to say thank you to everybody who participate in creating and developing such wonderful, high quality product and will recommend it to everybody who is interested to make money online. - Alex Zolotov

"Okay I'm ready to order. What do I need to do next?"

Great! Simply click the order button to get started and you will be asked to log in to your customer account. If you don't already have a Ultra Sales Machine account you will be prompted to create one. Once created, you'll be redirected to the checkout page. From there simply place your order and your purchase will be added to your account immediately. Then locate your purchase and fill in the order form and a member from our team will get to work on your project right away! If you have any further questions please contact us for assistance.

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